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Fixed horizontal mixer structure analysis

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  9JLT一10type fixed horizontal mixer is mainly composed of three paddles to dragon, fixed knife, the sump, discharging mouth, said t fit in and drives industry parts. Stirring (divided into stirring dragons and stir under two kinds of dragon) is the main working parts, truck mixer on stir dragon consists of axle tube and blade, the stirring dragons by shaft tube, blade, stir the dragon blade and beat the same blade, stir dragon arrangement is shown in figure 1.


Due to a mix of fine coarse material is scattered, so get the dragon blade with used 'entity type). Generally in accordance with the blade on the shaft coiling in a different direction can be divided into right-handed and left-handed two (counterclockwise coiling is left-handed, clockwise swirl for right handed).
Helix conveyance material direction by the blades spin to stir and long axis direction of rotation of the decided, specific sure. Turn to determine the blade, and then according to the left-hand with his right hand, right hand with his left hand, the principle of four fingers bend direction for the axis direction of rotation, the thumb straight direction is the direction of the conveying material.
Stirring dragons on two blades spin on the opposite, the stirring on the dragon, there are two kinds of screw to the blade at the same time realize the material box to send two different directions. Leaf blade usually adopts simple manufacturing method, to a certain thickness of the steel plate stamping or cut into the band gap circle, pull ring made a pitch blade. Then if thousand single blade welding on the shaft tube form a complete spiral blade.